Industrial Shredders

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Dual Shaft Shredders

Jordan Reduction Solutions offers a wide range of industrial shredders for recycling. With dual speed counter rotating shafts and our heavy duty industrial shredder can handle your toughest application.  With our unique cushioned drive train system, and integrated Allen-Bradley PLC, our industrial shredders can handle the most rugged and adverse shredding conditions, while protecting against jams, shock loads and other unpredictable aspects of material reduction. We also offer several of our units with integral bed screens for more accurate end product sizes.

Industrial Shredders

Dual shaft shredders are ideal for shredding a variety of materials and can handle materials and applications that others designs such as single shaft shredders have difficulty handling.  Bulk items can quickly be reduced to manageable sizes for disposal or further processing in one of our Grinders or Granulators.  Not only can we supply you with a single shredder, we can as well supply you with a complete size reduction line utilizing the full scope of our product offerings.

Plastic Shredder

Plastic is perhaps one of the most commonly recycled product both in post industrial and in post consumer applications. Typically, the general size required for recycling of plastic is 3/8″. However; some of those plastic items are too large to be put direction into a granulator for processing down to that size. In such cases, a plastic shredder is then needed to reduce the larger items to a manageable size for the granulator to handle. We offer a variety of shredder sizes to handle larger plastic components, rough shredding them to an appropriate granulator feed stock.


Simply put, we are one of the oldest Dual Shaft Shredder manufacturers in the U.S. and put our first shredder on the market in 1906.  Since then, we have continued to provide equipment that gives years of continuous, reliable service to help you meet your demanding size reduction needs.  And we are proud to continue to manufacture one of the robust Industrial Shredders on the market today.   Many of our installations continue to produce and shred 30-40 years after their initial installation date.

Jordan Reduction solutions has a shredder built for your application. And if we don’t, then ask us about our custom integrated solutions to meet your needs.  You demand the best and we give you the best – service, parts and equipment.  All still proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Shredder Cross Sections: Standard and With Screen

Indsutrial Shredders Cross Section-StandardIndustrial Shredders Cross Section - Screened

Shredder Sizes

  • Cutting chambers from 17″ x 14″ to 60″ x 40″
  • Motor sizes from 15HP to 400HP

Shredder Parts and Service

With an extensive inventory and a complete line of CNC Machining Centers, we can supply your parts quickly – often overnight. We stock bearings, seals, knives and additional components. Learn more about our Parts and Service Department.

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Click to see more: MS-1714 MS-2817 MS-4220 MS-4526 MS-5028 MS-5040 MS-6040
Overall Length 72" 96" 141" 157" 164" 213" 309"
Overall Width 37" 42" 56" 60" 75" 117" 152"
Overall Height 69" 72" 98" 117" 133" 156" 156"
Knife Thickness 5/8" 5/8" or 1 3/16" .9" - 1 3/16" 1 1/2" 2" 2" 2"
Number of Knives 27 44 or 22 46 or 24 30 24 24 32
Cutting Chamber Size 17"x14" 28"x17" 42"x20" 45"x26" 50"x28" 50"x40" 60"x40"
Hopper Size 1/2 Cubic Yard 1 Cubic Yard 1.5 - 2 Cubic Yard 3 Cu. Yd. 4 Cu. Yd 4-6 Cu. Yd. 4-6 Cu. Yd
Cutter Assembly Height 9.5" 11.5" 13.5" 13.75" 19" 23 23"
Motor Horsepower 15 HP 25 HP 50-60 HP 75-100 HP 100-150 HP 200-400 HP 200-400 HP
Approx Chamber Weight 1830 Lbs 3450 Lbs 4570 Lbs 9000 Lbs 22000 Lbs 37000 Lbs 39000 Lbs
Weights do not include hopper, structural stand or drive.

Tire Shredders

Click to see more: MS-4526 MS-5028 MS-5040 PT-6000
Overall Length 157" 164" 213" 141"
Overall Width 60" 75" 117" 56"
Overall Height 117" 133" 156" 98"
Cutting Chamber Size 45"x26" 50"x28" 50"x40" 42"x20"
Knife Thickness 1 1/2" 2" 2" 1 3/16"
Motor Horsepower 75-100 HP 100-150 HP 200-400 HP 60-75 HP
Capacities (estimated at max HP)
Rough shred (passenger tires/hr) 400-500 Tires 750-1000 Tires 1500-2000 Tires 250-300 Tires
Rough shred (truck tires/hr) N/A-Truck N/A-Truck 300-400 Tires N/A-Truck
2” nominal chip (passenger tires) 200-250 Tires 400-500 Tires 750-1000 Tires 175-200Tires
2” nominal chip (truck tires) N/A-Truck N/A-Truck 150-200 Tires N/A-Truck
1” nominal chip (tons/hr) 1.5-2.5 Tons 5-7 Tons 7.5-10 Tons .75-1 Ton
Capacities shown are contingent upon proper feed and lubrication feed style utilized. Actual field capacities may vary.