PT-6000 – 60HP Shredder

JRS PT-6000

The PT-6000 is our introductory level tire shredder. Designed for passenger tires only, the PT-6000 is an economical machine to move into the tire shredding arena when only passenger tires are to be shred. Available in a primary and secondary unit, for rough shred to chip justification. The PT-6000 can offer rough shredding in the range of 200-300 passenger tires per hour. Chip justification can be done in a secondary PT-6000 with integral bed screens. As well, the PT-6000 can be used for a variety of other materials.

Overall Length 141"
Overall Width 56"
Overall Height 98"
Knife Thickness 1 3/16"
Number of Knives 34
Cutting Chamber Size 42"x20"
Hopper Size 2 Cu. Yd.
Cutter Assembly Height 13.5"
Motor Horsepower 60-75 HP
Approx Chamber Weight 4570 Lbs



PT-6000 Tire Shredder