Industrial Grinders / Knife Hogs

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Grinder machines user for rubber and plastic grinding.

Hog Mill Grinders

The premier equipment line of Jordan Reduction Solutions is our Hog Mill Industrial Grinders.  No other grinder on the market has the versatility of application and ruggedness of design as do these reliable and dependable units. Many installations of these grinders are still in operation after over 50 years from original start up and continue to perform at an exceptional capacity.  Suited for both wet and dry grinding applications, the JRS Hog Mill Grinder is the perfect choice when demands are somewhat complex in nature.  These units continue to serve in applications from organics grinding, rubber grinding and even into ordinance and energetic material (explosive) applications.

Rubber Grinder

With a unique feed system, the Jordan Reduction Solutions Rubber Grinder has been servicing the rubber industry for decades. Our specialized rubber bale feeder, located in the throat of the unit can take whole rubber bales and reduce them to as small 1/4″ or below with out without a screen assist (material dependent). Additionally, the rubber bale design reduces the amount of recycle time in the chamber giving greater through-put with minimal horsepower requirements. These grinders also integrate either the ability for a fluid or dry powder partioning agent to enhance the grinding operation and help prevent agglomeration of the ground product.


Designed for high-speed and high-inertia operation, these industrial grinders can power through multiple materials with significantly lower required running horse power ratings yielding and higher production capacities at lower operational costs. Rotors are cast in carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the application requirements and are a closed-rotor design which is ideal for reducing large heavy infeed materials down to a particle size of 1/8″ to 3/8”.

Please note, the capacities shown in the chart below are for hardwood through a 1″ screen.


  • Throat openings from 10” x 11” to 20” x 54”
  • Motor sizes from 50HP to 500HP
  • Rugged removable screens allow varying particle sizes
  • Allen-Bradley PLC logic control system with soft-start electrical drive
  • Optional powered feed system to control input streams
Grinder machine technical diagram - industrial grinders

Grinder Parts and Service

We stock a complete inventory of our OEM Hog Knives, knife clamps, and high-strength bolts. Additional replacements parts include throat bars, throat plates, and most screen.  We also offer on-site or in-house service and maintenance on all JRS machine and installation of our replacement parts. Learn more about our Parts and Service Department. Please have your machine model number and serial number when calling or inquiring about replacement parts.

Grinder Parts

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Grinders / Knife Hogs

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Overall Length 28" 50" 66" 66" 75" 75" 95"
Overall Width 32" 42" 42" 53" 53" 53" 53"
Overall Height 28" 39.5" 39.5" 44" 54" 54" 44"
Throat Opening 10"x11" 15"x18" 15"x27" 20"x27" 20"x36" 20"x45" 20"x54"
Discharge Opening 13.5"x20.5" 22"x25" 25"x31" 30"x31" 30"x40" 30"x49" 30"x58"
Cylinder Diameter 20" 26" 26" 30" 30" 30" 30"
Bearing Diameter 2 7/16" 2 15/16" 3 15/16" 3 15/16" 3 15/16" 3 15/16" 3 15/16" - 4 7/16"
Number of Rotating Knives 12 12 18 18 24 30" 36
Number of Stationary Knives 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Knife Swing Diameter 20.625" 26.625" 26.625" 30.625" 30.625" 30.625" 30.625"
Rotor RPM (Max) 1800 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
Motor HP Options 50-60 HP 100, 125, 150 HP 125, 150 HP 150-250 HP 200-250 HP 200-300 HP 250-400 HP
Water Cooling Available
Air Discharge Available
Rubber Bale Feed Available
Main grinder Weight 2200 Lbs 4500 Lbs 5540 Lbs 10000 Lbs 12000Lbs 19300 Lbs 23100 Lbs
Capacity 1800 Lbs 4750 Lbs 6750 Lbs 7500 Lbs 9000 Lbs 11250 Lbs 13500 Lbs
Weights do not include hopper, structural stand or drive.