Medical Waste

MS-4526 Dual Shaft – 75 HP Shredder

JRS MS-4526 The MS-4526 Dual Shaft Shredder is perfect when you need a bit more power than our smaller shredder, but can’t justify going to the larger MS-5028.  The MS-4526 is ideal for a multitude of materials from paper to tires and small white goods.  Basically, anything you can get in the chamber except ferrous […]

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PT-6000 – 60HP Shredder

JRS PT-6000 The PT-6000 is our introductory level tire shredder. Designed for passenger tires only, the PT-6000 is an economical machine to move into the tire shredding arena when only passenger tires are to be shred. Available in a primary and secondary unit, for rough shred to chip justification. The PT-6000 can offer rough shredding […]

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