Product Destruction Equipment

Product Destruction

From Product Liability to Confidential Data, product destruction continues to be required in a number of industries to protect intellectual property and property rights.  As well, simple product destruction can be used to reduce large mass items to more manageable sizes for transport and landfill.

Product Liability – Product Recall

Many manufacturers of name brand products such as Reebok, Nike, Coach and others always face the problem of their discarded products ending up on the black market.  Others, such as manufacturers of machine components and electronics, find the same problem and can often face significant law suits is there rejected product is pulled from a landfill and sold on the black market.  Courts don’t care where the end user got it, they target the manufacturer in such law suites.  Therefore; these manufacturers must find ways to destroy their products in such a way, that logos cannot be seen and the product can in no way be used or modified and used in any form or fashion.

At Jordan Reduction Solutions, we manufacture Shredders, Grinders and Granulators specific for this purpose, and have done so for many of the leading manufacturers in the world.  Our equipment can easily take a rejected product and render it not only unusable but as well unrecognizable.  In doing so, we can not only help with their peace of mind in knowing their product will not end up in the wrong hands but as well, we can often offer a solution that can turn that rejected product back into a new commodity.

Confidential Data Protection

Another area heavy in product destruction is the area of confidential data.  Whether that data be a prescription label, medical records or an electronic media format, the right of privacy is of the utmost importance in regard to financial, medical and military and government institutions.  People have the right to know their information once discarded, is done so in a manner that will not compromise their identity.  And that brings in another aspect of product destruction; the need to protect individual and corporate identity and privacy.

The standards for confidential data destruction vary widely from organization to organization.  The financial market has one standard, the military another and yet there is a completely different standard for medical records and the like.

No matter the requirements of the organization, Jordan Reduction Solutions can supply equipment that can destroy the product or the documents as required by each individual organization.

Bulk Reduction

Some products do not require destruction to protect intellectual rights, they are simply too large to effectively and economically deal with.  The cost of transporting large bulky items can be significant, since a great portion of your transport will be air space.  Additionally, these items are difficult to land fill and in some cases, cause significant problems in doing so.  Such would be the case for mattresses – they do not compress well and take up valuable space in landfills.

The solutions is to reduce their bulk by shredding them down into smaller sizes.  The benefit of this can also extend beyond simply product destruction, but also to the reclaiming of various materials for further recycling, thereby turning a once discarded item into a commodity source.

No matter your need, Jordan Reduction Solutions can provide the equipment needed to reduce bulk, extract commodity materials or simply prepare for land fill.