MS-5040 Dual Shaft – 400 HP Shredder

JRS MS-5040

The MS-5040 Dual Shaft Shredder is offered in a variety of horse powers from 200 to 400, depending on the required application.  With a 50″ long and 40″ wide chamber, the MS-5040 is ideal for those applications requiring a both a large throat for material infeed and higher production values.  Knife size is approximately 2″ thick and the resulting shred will be 2″ random pieces.  External screen decks can be added for more precise product size justification if required.   Standard units come in twin drive rather than a single drive motor for greater efficiency and lower start-up costs.

MS-5040 Options:

  • 200, 300 or 400 Horse Powers
  • Variable Knife Thicknesses and arrangements from 2″ to 6″
  • Water Misting Nozzles for Tire Applications
  • Standard Alloy, High Wear Alloy or Chrome Carbide Knife Materials

Overall Length 213"
Overall Width 117"
Overall Height 156"
Knife Thickness 2"
Number of Knives 24
Cutting Chamber Size 50"x40"
Hopper Size 4-6 Cu. Yd.
Cutter Assembly Height 23
Motor Horsepower 200-400 HP
Approx Chamber Weight 37000 Lbs


MS-5040 Tire Shredder