14 CSE – 30” Rotor Grinder

JRS 14-CSE Industrial Grinder

The first in line of our heavier duty knife hogs.  Provided with a larger more robust rotor and frame, the 14 CSE has a throat opening larger than it smaller 13 series “E” counterpart; suitable for much heavier and high production requirements and available in horse powers from 200 to 250.  The 14 CSE is a great choice for processing of rubber bales, heavy plastic purge, PVC, and HDPE piping (alternate base arrangements required).

14-CSE Rubber Grinder

With the option of our unique star feed bale feeder (pictured), the 14-CSE is the perfect machine to grind raw rubber bales in sizes of approximately 8 x 18 x 30.  Other sizes can be accommodated.  The unique bale feed design, meters the bale into the rotor to promote a shaving type action rather than simple chopping or grinding.  This allows the unit to run smoother and cooler.

Processing rates for rubber bale grinding vary depending on the material chemistry and final particle size required.

Overall Length 66"
Overall Width 53"
Overall Height 44"
Throat Opening 20"x27"
Discharge Opening 30"x31"
Cylinder Diameter 30"
Bearing Diameter 3 15/16"
Number of Rotating Knives 18
Number of Stationary Knives 3
Knife Swing Diameter 30.625"
Rotor RPM (Max) 1200
Motor HP Options 150-250 HP
Water Cooling Available
Air Discharge Available
Rubber Bale Feed Available
Main grinder Weight 10000 Lbs
Capacity 7500 Lbs