What is a Hog Mill?

The terms Hog, Hog Mill, Hog Grinder and Hogger are often used interchangeably to describe various machines that essentially mill, hammer or grind just about anything you put into them, short of metals.  But where did the terms originate?  And is there one machine that can truly claim the name “Hog Mill”?

In regard to the term Hog Mill, specifically those manufactured by Jordan Reduction Solutions, they came by their name in a very original and legitimate fashion.  The units were first created and released on the market in the early 1900’s, with patents dating back to 1925. The name Hog Mill came from the primary application for which they where designed; grinding and milling Hogs… yep, the kind that go “oink”.  Designed originally for the rendering and tallow industries, the Hog Mill was a versatile and essential part of many rendering plants in the early to mid 1900’s to reduce their cooking times in the preparation of large meats, carcasses, etc…  But the versatility of the machine could not keep it strictly in the rendering industry and enhancements to the design expanded the grinders into a vast array of other industries and materials.  But, the name stuck – and rightfully so.

As the use of the grinder (Hog Mill) began to expand into these other industries, the nature of the machine began to prove itself to be an awesome power in grinding nearly anything that was put into it – further cementing the name Hog Mill; but this time from a different perspective.  The machine that first got its name from grinding hogs soon became more known for its ability to act like one – eating (grinding) almost anything that it could get in its mouth.

As the models have evolved, the “Hog” designation has hung on, but the scope of materials successfully ground by these machines has expanded far beyond their beginnings to materials such as rubber, plastic, organics, biological, textile, non-ferrous metals and others which are too numerous to name here.  The original design of the rotor proved to be the key in the versatility of the unit.  Designed to be moisture tolerant and operate in an abusive atmosphere, the Hog Mill Grinders produced by Jordan Reduction Solutions continue to grind materials that will simply shut other grinders down, earning and living up to its 100 year old name; Hog Mill.

Today’s version of the Hog Mill is not too different in design from the original version produced and marketed as early as 1906.  However; some subtle changes have been made, not the least of which is to make the unit much more user friendly.  By doing so, the ability to maintain these machines; quickly change out screen sizes and access needed cutting areas, has become much more simplistic while maintaining its tough, robust and almost indestructible design.  And they go by different names also.  Jordan Reduction Solutions now produces multiple varieties of this reliable machine such as; Rubber Bale Hogs, Carpet and Textile Grinders, Organics and Biological Materials Grinders, Plastics Grinders and many more set up for specific and demanding applications – still performing to the same high standard set forth in the original design.  That being to provide a piece of equipment that will not only get the job done; but keep doing it year after year.