MS-4220 Dual Shaft – 50 HP Shredder

JRS MS-4220

Perhaps our most popular mid range shredder. The MS-4220 Industrial Shredder is a work horse and has the power to handle your tougher jobs while maintaining a size, power requirement and cost that can fit into demanding budgets.  With a variety of options, the MS-4220 can be used to shred paper, plastic, passenger tires, carpet and an host of other items.  Designed with counter rotating dual speed shafts, the cutting group is continuously changing knife tip position to better grab and pull through hard to hold materials. The MS-4220 Industrial Shredder offers mid size chamber capacity and optimal horse power to handle many of the most demanding applications for volume reduction and material preparation for further processing.

Dual Shaft Shredders

For general purposes, dual shaft shredders are typically used in areas where end product uniformity is not a concern but product volume reduction or product destruction is a concern. Many shredders are used for general volume reduction or material preparation for further grinding or granulating and or product liability destruction. End product sizing is normally random unless screening procedures are applied.  The MS-4220 industrial shredder can also be readily fit with an integral bed screen for those applications that require a more accurate product sizing and where production capacities are not as critical.

Shredding chambers are available in:

  • Standard Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • High Wear
  • Fluid handling options

MS-4220 Options:

  • 50 or 60 Horse Power Drives
  • Multiple Hopper Configurations upon Request
  • Standard Alloy, High Wear Alloy or Chrome Carbide Knives
  • Knife Thicknesses offered in .9 and 1.2
  • Integral Bed Screens

Overall Length 141"
Overall Width 56"
Overall Height 98"
Knife Thickness .9" - 1 3/16"
Number of Knives 46 or 24
Cutting Chamber Size 42"x20"
Hopper Size 1.5 - 2 Cubic Yard
Cutter Assembly Height 13.5"
Motor Horsepower 50-60 HP
Approx Chamber Weight 4570 Lbs
MS-4220 Shredder



Plastic Bag Shredding

Pulp Tail Shredding