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Plastic Granulator Most people are aware that plastics are not currently biodegradable, and that there are great economic and environmental incentives to recycle post consumer and post industrial plastics. This can only be achieved in a profitable manner with high volumes of consumer plastics and a properly designed plastic shredding and granulating system. Jordan Reduction […]

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Hog Mill Grinders The premier equipment line of Jordan Reduction Solutions is our Hog Mill Industrial Grinders.  No other grinder on the market has the versatility of application and ruggedness of design as do these reliable and dependable units. Many installations of these grinders are still in operation after over 50 years from original start […]

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Dual Shaft Shredders Jordan Reduction Solutions offers a wide range of industrial shredders for recycling. With dual speed counter rotating shafts and our heavy duty industrial shredder can handle your toughest application.  With our unique cushioned drive train system, and integrated Allen-Bradley PLC, our industrial shredders can handle the most rugged and adverse shredding conditions, […]

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