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Tire Shredder Systems

Tire Shredder
Tire shredding has never been in such high demand as more states and municipal guidelines prohibit the disposal of whole tires in landfills. Plus, there is a high demand and profit in shredded tires in various conditions from whole tire chips to finely ground rubber. We offer a complete line of Tire Shredder and tire processing equipment to produce tire chips, tire shreds, and crumb rubber for disposal or recycling, and biofuel production.

Basic Tire Shredding

High torque dual shaft shredders rotate at relatively low speed and use qualifying screens to control chip size. The PT-6000 Tire Shredder has a capacity of 11,000 pounds per hour in 2" chip size and can handle passenger tires and light truck tires.

High Volume Tire Shredding

Larger truck tires and high volumes of automobile tires can be rapidly processed in the larger MS-5040 Tire Shredder.

The rugged design of these shredders and the hardened knives allows the whole tire to be processed at once and does not require removal of the bead as some systems require.

tire shredder

A removable qualifying screen is used in the shredder to determine output chip size, with chips as small as 1" when required. Higher production rates can be achieved with larger screen openings which results in larger chip sizes.

Tires chips processed through these shredders can be used in various industrial applications requiring recycled rubber. They are also often used as fuel where they are burned in furnaces, or for tire derived fuel, and alternative fuels. Other uses include the manufacture of rubber sheet, various industrial products, and even tire mulch for landscaping and drain fill.

tire chips

Fine Shredding / Grinding

Tire shredder
To achieve even smaller particle sizes (all the way down to crumb rubber), the process can be expanded to include one of our high speed Rubber Grinders to grind the tire chips discharged from the main shredder. This process uses a large, high speed cylinder body and a finer screen to achieve the desired particle size and separate the wire from the fine rubber.

We're here to help...

Each application is different. Contact our engineering department to request assistance with your tire shredding and grinding needs.

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