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Plastic Grinder

plastic grinder picturePlastic is produced in a variety of compounds like HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PET and more. It comes in an even greater variety of shapes and sizes, from bottles, strips, purgings, containers, trays and other plastic scrap. No matter what type or size, one problem has always existed in the world of plastics...

What to do with the plastic scrap, plastic extrusion overruns, purgings, or post consumer plastic? The answer to plastic recycling is simple when you choose a quality grinder by Jordan Reduction Solutions.

Plastic grinder to recycle and reuse plastics

Recycle logoThe 13CSD Plastic Grinder is the perfect machine to handle all of your plastic recycling, size reduction, and processing needs. From plastic pipe, to PVC, or post-consumer plastics, we have the grinding equipment to handle the job.

Plastic Grinder Increases Scrap Reclaim

shred particles No extrusion process is perfect. You will always have below spec runs, over-runs and the initial extrusion that is just not up to specifications. There's no need to pay costly scrap charges and hauling fees to discard this waste. Save money and save landfill space - reprocess your defective or out of spec material or purgings with a JRS Plastic Shredder, grinder, or granulator and reclaim your loss.

After Market Processing

plastic pellets If your focus is on reclaiming post-consumer PET, then there is a Jordan Reduction Solutions machine that can do the job right. From heavy duty high production grinders to open rotor granulators, our machines can process your materials and give you the particle size you need for further processing or resale.

Versatility of Design

From the small hand feed operation to complete engineered plastic shredder systems, Jordan Reduction Solutions is your one stop for all your needs. We specialize in custom, application specific plastic grinder systems from several hundred pounds to several tons per hour. Give us a call and let our staff help you determine the most economical solutions for your plastic grinding needs.

Technical Specs for Plastic Grinders

For machine sizes and other technical specifications, visit the main Product Grinders page.

Also, other options are available for special applications. See our Plastic Shredder or Plastic Granulator machines for more details.