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About Jordan Reduction Solutions

Jordan Reduction Solutions is an O.E.M. manufacturer of heavy industrial grinders, shredders, choppers, and granulators for industrial processing of various materials such as rubber, plastic, wood, textiles, and just about any other material that needs size reduction or destruction processing.

Our equipment is 100% Made In USA, right in our our fab and machining facility in Birmingham, Alabama. For decades our company has been a strategic supplier for many of the country’s largest manufacturing sectors. Our shredders have been used in U.S. military facilities as ammunition grinders. They have been used in production destruction and recycling processes of brake liners, carpet, clothing, ceiling tiles, plastic pipe, PVC components, reinforced hoses, leather. We’ve even developed complete production lines for tire shredding and recycling.

Most of the equipment has roots all the way back to it’s Mitts and Merrill origins, and we continue to uphold the quality engineering and manufacturing excellence that led our equipment to the top.

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