Shredding and Grinding Resources

This site contains technical articles and resources related to industrial grinding and shredding processes and the equipment to perform these operations. Over years of testing and successful field installations, we have a large collection of test data and production rate studies for processing most common industrial materials. We also offer specialized testing services for your material samples to demonstrate the particle size and production rates that are possible with our equipment. We build full systems specifically designed to meet your unique application, including control panels, conveyors, air discharge systems, dumpers, collection equipment, and other related components.

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Topics covered here include:

  • Size reduction techniques using shredders, grinders, and granulators
  • Recycling and reclaiming materials
  • Tire shredding
  • Shredders for wood, plastic, vinyl, PVC, HDPE
  • Grinding operations on industrial material to reduce particle size
  • Granulation technique and equipment
  • Technical Articles