Product Line Founded

The Mitts and Merrill Company was founded in 1854 in Saginaw, Michigan. During the years that followed, Mitts and Merrill conducted extensive research in the area of size reduction and material handling and as a result of that research, developed and patented their extensive line of Knife Hogs and Open Rotor Granulators that are today, still being utilized by diverse industries throughout the world. Subsequent to their success in these areas, in the 1970’s they further developed and patented one of the first and finest industrial dual shaft shredders. Many Mitts and Merrill products originally installed as early as 1965 are still in operation in various manufacturing and production facilities. They designed equipment to last – and that legacy continues.

Arrival in Alabama

In  1992,  Reduction  Technology  of Leeds, Alabama purchased the assets of  Mitts and Merrill along with those of the shredder division of Carthage Machine Company of Carthage, New York and brought this premier product  line  to  the  state  of  Alabama  – continuing to provide the same exceptional products and service unparalleled in the industry. As well, Reduction Technology further developed enhancements to both product lines and provided even more options to the ever expanding equipment lines offered.

Jordan Reduction Solutions

In 2004, Jordan Machine Company acquired all rights, patents, plans and good will of:

  • The Mitts and Merrill Product Line
  • Carthage Machine Shredder Division
  • Reduction Technology Equipment

Subsequent to that acquisition they founded the Jordan Reduction Solutions division of Jordan Machine Company. The legacy inherited by Jordan Reduction Solutions spans over 5000 installations worldwide covering over a century of continued service – making us the only size reduction company in the World who can proudly claim more than 160 years of experience and continuous service to the industry.

Made in the USA